Thursday, May 14, 2009


When we got home it was already pretty late so we got the party going...present time!! I tried to make the house festive for the party but the balloons was all I got done.
Alex got some great gifts. He got some DS games and some Spongebob DVDs, some clothes, new snow cone flavors and cups and treats etc.
Monica and Alexa enjoying the party!!
Max was a BIG helper and handed Alex all the presents. He lifted up this big one and said "man I'm strong."
My Mom got Alex a new scooter...that makes sparks!! The commercials for it are on all the time and he has been wanting one for a while now. He was really excited to get it as you can see!!
Rich wasn't at the party either which is why there is such a HUGE mess everywhere!! Actually my Dad is usually on garbage duty but he wasn't here either so Alex just opened his gifts and threw the paper around like a wild man! He had a great party!

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