Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hershey Track Meet

This is Alex's first year for the track meet and he was pretty excited.
He here is looking all serious at the starting line.
He ran the 50 meter, along with most the other kids. That is the most popular race (I guess because it the shortest one). He ran well but he isn't one of the really competitive kids so he mostly just had fun.
Next comes the softball throw. He had great form, but had more height than distance.
He finished off with the 100 meter and looked great! He was a good sport and we had a great time together enjoying the hot sunshine all afternoon. We hung out with Stephanie and Parker most the afternoon and Parker did a great job too.


Melissa said...

Oh Hershey Track Meet!

Amy said...

good work Alex! the hershey track meet is the worst...i mean the best!