Monday, May 11, 2009


For Family Night we decided to go to Jumpin Jacks with Stephanie and her kids and Jennifer and her kids.
It was Max's first time there and he had a BLAST!!!
Alexa kept sneaking into the "kiddie" slides.
Here is Parker trying to catch his breath!!

Everyone had a great time...we got there and didn't realize that they were closing so early so we didn't have much time but it was fun for them still.
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Just the kids went on the slides...oh wait, Jennifer couldn't resist and had to go down a few times. She was having so much fun too!!

Pieper, Creed and Max snuck into the basketball cage thing and shot hoops for a while. It was really funny, they were just in there having a great time. They are all really close in age and they have fun playing together!
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We went to get milkshakes after, it was a great family night!!!

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The Duvall Family said...

My favorite part was the scene that we caused at Arctic Circle with all our noisy children:)