Thursday, May 7, 2009

Max (part 2)

I forgot the funniest story about little Max in my last post. This happened last month when we were in Logan. My dad pumped up the air mattress for Harrison to sleep on and he didn't put away the pump. The next morning Max had the nozzle in his mouth and he was pumping air into his mouth. He looked so funny and Rich and I sat and watched him for a minute and then I asked him what he was doing, he said:
"I am getting bigger so I can go on WICKED!!" We both started laughing so hard because he was dead serious. Alex has been talking a lot about Lagoon and now Max is a little obsessed too. Alex is always telling him that he is too small to go on WICKED and so he thought he could speed things along by pumping himself up with air!!

Here is one more that just happened tonight. We were saying prayers and I told Max to fold his arms, he wouldn't. He used to be so good about it but lately he has been naughty. He was playing with Alexa's phone and I asked him again to fold his arms he said "wait a minute I have to text my name." We all started laughing and I asked what he was doing and he said "I am texting my name for a second." He is always saying funny stuff like that so I had to come in and type it up before I forgot!!!


Melissa said...

I love that story so much! Max is too funny!

Janean said...

Max is so funny! He cracks me up!