Saturday, May 23, 2009


I stole this post from Melissa's blog...I was going to change the wording to make it look like I wrote it but then I decided not to and to just admit that I was too lazy (and a little embarrassed) to type up this story but it was a great time so here it is:

This morning, Alexa and I met Angela and Amy and Old Navy at 9:45am. Yeah, Old Navy doesn't open until 10:00. But, they were having a $1 flip flop sale, so of course we were there. As we pulled into Old Navy, there were already like 30 people standing outside the doors, and they just kept a coming! For flip flops! I did not really want to be there to get trampled over $1 flip flops! This sale was probably worse than black Friday! We wanted to take pictures, but then we didn't really want to be seen with this group of people (no offense if you were there; but then again we were there, so what is that saying exactly!?) It wasn't so bad after we squished through the doors. I just kind of stayed back while Amy, Angela, and Alexa did the dirty work. They had grabbed about 50 pairs, but there was a 5 pair limit, so we just picked what we wanted. Angela still ended up with 20 pairs. So she called mom and Amberly to come down to buy some of hers for her. Monica also showed up to buy some for Amy. But there was still a slight problem...Angela still had 5 more pairs that she just could not let go. While we waited in line for over an hour (for our dollar flip flops!) Angela was scoping out the other people in line to see what they were buying and how many flip flops they had in their hands/cart. There were two older men in front of us just chatting to pass the time as they waited in line. As soon as there was a break in their conversation, Angela asked the man in front of Amy, mom and me for a favor. He gave her the crustiest look ever. Once he heard what the favor was, he busted out laughing! He was with his wife and she only had five pairs, so he decided that he would be nice and buy Angela's for her. I think he got a kick out of her odd request, if he didn't, I know we all did. Angela was very proud of her $30 savings!
After we got out of Old Navy, we went to Shaffer's bakery for a donut.
Then Angela, Alexa, Amy, Jason, Owen, Monica, Amberly and I all headed down to the Farmer's Market for about an hour. We met Melanie, McKenzie, Brooklyn, Brinlie, and Korver there. We got a delicious fresh squeezed Raspberry Lemonade. They are the best! They also have Watermelon and peach (depending on the month) which are also superb! Melanie, Angela, Amy, and I all bought matching necklaces that are super cute! Amberly played her special needs card and I ended up buying her a necklace too.
After the market, most of us got Old Gristmill and took it to the park to eat it. Rich brought the boys down to join us for lunch.
Then we did some more shopping and hanging out.


David and Carrie Swenson said...

I love it! I don't blame you for asking the guy in front of you to buy your flip flops, I totally would have done the same thing!

Melissa said...

What a GREAT time we had!