Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mother's Day

Rich really out did himself this year. He had his sister Carrie make this awesome fruit bouquet for me. It is so cute and really yummy. Rich was trying to think of something that I liked and he knows I love fresh fruit but he didn't want to just get a fruit basket. He had seen these fruit bouquets before and asked his sister if she had ever made one before. She did an incredible job and I really appreciate them was fabulous!!!
So if the beautiful fruit basket wasn't enough he also surprised me with a CRUISE!!! Actually it is our 5th anniversary coming up in June and that is really what the trip is for but he has such a hard time keeping surprises a secret he HAD to tell me!! We aren't going until August but I am SO excited!!!

After church, Alex said he had a present for me. He had taken a dress that I was looking at the night before and told my Mom that I really loved it and that he wanted to buy it for me so she helped him to surprise me with it. He was so excited, it was really cute. Alexa gave me a magnet board that she made at a YW activity a few weeks ago, it is really cute as well!!


Ace said...

Ding Dang got "spold!"

Think you could make some room in that suitcase for me?

Love the fruit bouquet. Those are my kind of floweres.

And yes, I really did wear my hubby's G top all day. It was awe to the some!

Melissa said...

Happy Mother's Day! You are a great mom and have a great family! What fun surprises you got!

Jennifer said...

What a great husband and kiddos you have! The fruit basket was awesome, Carrie does good work. I'm glad that you had a great Mother's Day, you deserve it!

Janean said...

What a wonderful gift! I am so excited for you guys to go on the cruise too! That is so cute that Alex got you something too that he saw you liked!

Amy said...

those fruit flowers are fantastic! you are a great mom!

Tiesha said...

That looks so yummy and what a pretty dress!