Saturday, May 2, 2009


Alexa had a Dance Competition at Lagoon today and we watched the weather closely all week long. She has had this competition several times in the past and it has always rained and we always just end up watching her dance and then leaving and not going on the rides.
Well history repeated itself yet again and the weather was not in our favor. The Harris's and Melissa and Monica came to watch Alexa dance and we all just decided to brave the rain and go on the rides. It was a good choice, because the weather was so crappy we get to go again free!!!
This was Max and Owen's first time at Lagoon and they had SO MUCH FUN!!!

Here are the "big kids" going on the Samurai and the Cliffhanger. Melissa hasn't been to Lagoon in quite a few years and she really enjoyed herself!! Alex was in heaven of course.
It is a different experince when you have little kids with you. You can't just run from ride to ride like maniacs you have to be patient and also go on the little rides with the tiny ones.
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The baby Tidal Wave boat is such a great ride. We all had fun on that one especially Amy since she is pregnant and wasn't able to go on much else.
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Owen really wanted Alex to go on the Swings with him and Alex was pretty grumpy about it becasue he was anxious to get on to bigger and better rides. He ended up going and they all had a great time, especially Jason!!
The boys had a great time on the little kid rides and they were both pretty well behaved for the most part.
Alexa danced at 2:00pm and she did a fantastic job. The pictures didn't turn out that great so here is the best one I got. She is so talented and I love watching her perform!
We got some lunch and then it was time for more rides.
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Thank goodness we had umberella' started to rain really hard and it was quite a downpour. Luckily it only lasted a few minutes and then it was sunny again.
Unfortunaltly the rain left lots and lots of puddles that the little boys just couldn't resist. Amy sat with them while we all went on some of the bigger rides and she tried to keep them from the puddles of water but it was just too hard and they ended up completely soaked!!! I guess they were kneeling in the puddles and splashing...oh well they had a great time!!
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Max didn't want to go on Puff at first but he changed his mind and LOVED it. Owen did not love it and I think he cried when Amy took him on it but then he went again with Jason right after. He was scared and didn't want to go again.
Max loved going on the train and seeing the animals. He was making the "woo woo" sound in this picture and it was really cute. Owen was pretty scared of all the smoke from the train but he loved it too!!

We weren't going to let the boys go on the little tug boats because they were filled with water at the bottom...
but after the splashing in the puddles incident it didn't really matter at that point and so they got to drive the boats and they both had fun!!
It was a long, great day and lucky for us adults the park closed earlier than expected because of the weather so we went to Target to buy the boys dry clothes for the ride home!!

What a Great Day!!!!

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