Friday, May 30, 2008

I HATE Spiders

I got in the shower this morning and I was just reaching for the soap when I saw a HUGE (as big as a quarter) spider on the wall. I freaked out!! It was really fat and gross and huge and I didn't know what to do. I was for sure not going to squish it, it was way to big for that. I was trying to figure out what to do, I thought I would just watch it and make sure it didn't move and then what?? I had to get rid of it somehow. I hopped out of the shower and put the water on hot and grabbed my shower head and decided the best thing to do is scald it and send it down the drain. It took a minute but I finally got it down the drain. I thought, its going to crawl back up...I hadn't washed yet and so I just figured with the water running down the drain there is no way he can climb back up but I didn't take my eyes off the drain the entire time. I also kept feeling things crawling up my legs and back (I totally freaked myself out). As I am typing this now it all seems pretty silly but believe me at the time it was not funny and I hope it never happens again!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Alexa and Miss Groneman (Mrs. Cope now)

Hi this is Alexa, my mom asked me to tell you about some memories I have had this school year so here go's. One memory I will never forget is the first day of school, I wrote Miss. Groneman (Mrs.Cope now) a note saying "Hello, so I have an uncle who just got back from his mission and I think you should go on a date with him". She didn't really respond to me so I just kept on asking and asking. So one "hectic" day (although everyday was hectic in our class) at the end of the day I went up to her and I said please will you go on a date with him and this is what she said "fine, but I don't ever want you to talk about it again". So she gave me her cell phone number to give to Joseph and he called her that night (what a shocker) ever since that day she has loved him. The funny thing is, they got married 4 or 5 months after that! That is so crazy! So anyways I love her and she has been my favorite teacher throughout all of my school years (and I am not just saying that)! So there you have it my memory, thanks, I'll be here all week!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

6th Grade Graduation

It was the day she's been waiting more Elementary School. Alexa is moving on to bigger and better things, Jr. High. YIKES that's all I have to say. I made her favorite dinner Rice and Meatballs with Blueberry muffins.

My Mom and sisters Monica and Amberly drove down to surprise her on her big night. We were kinda rushed through dinner but we were all so glad they came down.

Here is the big moment where they called her name and she got her diploma. I don't know what it is about the dang cafeteria lights but I could not get a good picture, sorry.

Here is Alexa with Grandma Cope. She came along with Stephanie and her kids, Joseph was there and Carrie brought her kids too. What a great family, thanks so much for all your love and support. She is a lucky girl to have 3 families that all love her so very much.

Here is Alexa with my mom, now maybe you can see where Max gets some of his genes. Thanks so much for coming all the way to support Alexa!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Cemetery

We went to the cemetery on Sunday. We met the Keller's there and it was perfect weather (we are really glad we went Sunday cause it was really rainy on Monday). My Grandpa (my Mom's Dad) passed away last August so it was his first Memorial Day. It has been along time since I went to the cemetery and my kids have never been. We all wanted to go and visit Grandpa. He is buried in Mantua (that is a tiny town in Sardine Canyon between Brigham and Logan). He grew up there and that is where most of my relatives are buried.

Afterwards we all drove to Brigham to his house (they still haven't sold it) and ate dinner and hung out for awhile. The kids all took something to remember my Grandpa. Alex took a couple of his hats, Max took a baseball bat and Alexa took a chair and a clock. It was good to get together as a family and remember my Grandpa, he was such a great man and we all miss him alot.

Photo Op


There was this old barn by the cemetery and they had some cool old stuff and alot of junk. Of course we took advantage and got some really cool shots. I wish I was a better photographer and had a better camera but some of these turned out pretty cool. It is an awesome place to take photos (too bad its so far away).
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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rock Band

We went to Logan for the Memorial Day weekend. On Friday night Me, Rich, Alexa, Kenzie, Jake, Amy and my Dad slept in the tent in the backyard. It was a pretty fun time. We went out pretty late and we were all tired but we managed to tell a few stories before we fell asleep. We had donuts in the morning for breakfast (the most delicious donuts ever, I am sorta glad there isn't one in SF cause I would probably weigh 300 lbs if there was).
Saturday we hung out all day shopping, eating etc. Melissa and Steve brought up "Rock Band" and it was a big hit. I didn't even play...I guess I was too busy chatting. Here are some pictures of the band...

Steve on drums, Alexa on Guitar

Jason rockin the bass

Alex on drums

Melissa, Max and Alex on vocals...they were awesome!!!

Amy on vocals, Alexa rockin the bass and Alex bangin the drums

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Well Shannon tagged me and so I have to think of 6 random things, I feel like have already aired all my 'dirty laundry' so let's see what I can come up with:

1. I hate being home on Saturdays, I would rather be anywhere but home on Saturday. I think it's because that is when you are supposed to clean and do laundry etc and I just don't want to! Thank heavens for my wonderful husband who is always keeping the house tidy (so tidy in fact that I tell him the kids are never going to learn to pick up after themselves) He is the best!!

2. I have wanted a boob job since middle school I think. I was always jealous of the girls that had a 'nice rack' (sorry this might be too much info so skip it if you want) I am so jealous of my sister Melanie and Rich's sister Stephanie...they are so lucky!! I love the part on the movie "Liar, Liar" when Jim Carrey is in the elevator with that chick and says "your boobs are huge, I wanna squeeze them etc." One day someone will say that to me!! Again I apologize for being obscene, at least my Mom dosen't read my blog and sorry Dad if you still do!!

3. I HATE being hot!! Summer is always met with mixed feelings by me because I love all the summer activities and being able to be outside so much and the beautiful blue sky and the swim pools etc but I hate being sweaty and so I guess like everything there is a good and bad side to summer for me!!

4. I don't care what I eat...I mean if I eat stuff thats good for me or bad for me and this drives Rich crazy!!! I just like to eat things that taste good and are easy to prepare. I have never been one to skip dessert either (in fact a few nights ago at Bunco Steph didn't want her delicious Lemon Pie that Rachel made and so I ate it for her...yes I ate 2 pieces of pie and I am not sorry!) and I don't feel bad about it at all!! Come on guys life is short, enjoy!

5. I do wish I was ready for swimsuit season, but hey you have to pick your battles I guess and I just don't think I would like myself if I gave up eating.

6. I am so excited for all my kids to be independent. I was there once and then we threw Max into the mix and he is at the cutest stage right now cause he says the cutest things and is happy one minute and so crabby the next, I think its hilarious but life is so much easier for me when they are self-sufficient. I know most people dread the thougt of their kids growing up...I hope that dosen't make me a bad Mom.

Now I tag 6 people: Mary Jean, Tandy, Tiesha, Jen, Stephanie and McKell
(you all better do it too or else I will me really mad!!)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Revolution Photography

I just have to give Lacey a huge plug (not that boasting about her on my blog will help her but it can't hurt). She is so creative and gifted at photography and I am so glad I had her take these photos. I love them all and believe me there are alot. I can't post them all so I picked my favorites of each child (at this second, it changes everytime I look at them) the last one of Max is not a sweet smiling baby but the 'true' Max when he is in a grumpy mood...I am so glad to have that because Alex had this mad face that he always did when he was little but of course I never took pictures of it and I wish I had cause he would laugh at it now and wonder what he was so mad about. Thanks again Lacey I am sure that won't be the last time you work with my kids!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The A's

It was Alex's first baseball game today, the weather was perfect but windy of course. He had a few really good hits and is just in 2nd grade so I don't think they really keep score. He has improved alot since last year and now its 4 baseball games a week for us...Yeah!

Hershey Track Meet


I have gone to Alexa's track meets since she was in 3rd grade. I had such a great day sitting with Mrs Cope (her teacher) and watching all the kids, there were some interesting things to see including an "Elvis" wanna be that goes to the Charter was awesome. It was pretty hot but if was nice when the clouds were covering the sun. This is Alexa's last track meet but lucky for me Alex is in 3rd grade next year so the fun doesn't have to end!!
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Monday, May 19, 2008

Birthdays and Banana Splits

We celebrated the May birthdays in Steph and Jeff's backyard last night. We had banana splits and they were yummy.

Alex, Adelie, Adriana, Joseph and Kai all have May birthdays.

Alex got 2 new remote control cars and was really excited about it. The kids played basketball and then they recruited some of the uncles and aunt (McKell was the only aunt that played, she's such a great sport) to play 'kick the can' they had so much fun. It was after bedtime before we knew it!! It's great to have such long days when the weather is nice.

Fathers and Sons Campout

These are some really awesome pictures. I bought a disposable camera for Rich to take some photos of the camp out. I had forgotten how bad the pictures usually turn out. Oh well, I am just impressed that he remembered to take pictures for me. Thanks Rich. It was a first for Rich to go to the Fathers and Sons camp out as a Dad. We went and bought a new tent (seen below) and he and Alex and Max went on their first camping adventure!! They had a fun time, I was a little worried about Rich keeping track of Max but they all came home in one piece....a little tired but who expects to get a great nights sleep in a tent!!

I am not sure why Alex looks so mad in this photo...maybe he didn't want to ever come back home!! The first camp out was a success now it will be fun to see if we ever use the tent again!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Girls Night Out

I didn't take any pictures but Alexa and I hung out all night while the boys were at the Fathers and Sons camp out. I asked her where she wanted to eat and after alot of "I don't knows" she picked Training Table. I hardly ever go there so it was a nice change and the 'cheese fries' were fabulous!!! We went shopping after dinner to Old Navy and the Mall. Alexa and I are both big fans of shopping so we had a great time. I didn't get anything for myself which is pretty surprising cause I usually always find stuff. Alexa got some cute new shorts and a shirt. Then we decided to go to a movie.

This movie was hilarious...I have been wanting to see it but wasn't expecting too much (sometimes the only funny parts are the clips you see on the previews) but I was so happy that the movie was good throughout. There were alot of one-liners that I can't remember now but I need to see it again because they were good!!! I was a little worried to take Alexa cause I usually like to screen PG-13 before I let her see them but I didn't think it was bad (I worked in infertility so she has heard alot of the terms already). The only bad part about the night was that the Jazz lost (at least I didn't have to watch it) but I am sad cause I thought we might have had a chance!!! At least there is always next year!

I couldn't resist...

I went to work this morning and it was such a beautiful day I thought to myself 'I can't spend the whole day inside in my office' so I had a brilliant idea...

I went home for lunch changed into my swimsuit made a PB and jelly sandwich grabbed a diet coke and my book and headed up to the reservoir. I had lunch and read a little and watched the fish jump out of the water. Besides a few guys fishing I was the only one there and it was so peaceful and beautiful. What a great way to spend the lunch hour!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Race Cars and my Guys

If you don't know me that well let me explain, I LOVE free stuff. I love signing up for contests and going places where they are doing drawings for prizes etc. So last week we got an invitation to go to Legacy Mazda and meet some race car drivers and see their cars. Rich likes race cars and I knew the boys would think it was pretty cool so we headed over to Orem. They were also giving away T-shirts and Hats and dinner. I didn't know that my favorite radio station would be there...that was a bonus. So we got autographs from some drivers (I have no idea who) and stocked up on some free gifts and ate dinner. I had a hot dog and it was so scrumptious (ok so I had 2) Rich had a couple of burgers and Max ate a bite of pizza. Alex found cake somewhere.

They had these adorable big wheels and were having races for the kids. Max was not very focused on the finish line but he had a great time riding the bikes.

Here is a picture of the 'loot' it is fuzzy for some reason, sorry. And to those of my sisters that love free t-shirts I might have swiped some for you too!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Alex's day of Suprises!!

The day started out at 7:45am (which if you know me that is way earlier than my usual wake-up time). Alex was all ready for school (well I still needed to fix his hair) and I told him I had a surprise for him. Rich went to work a little late so he could watch Alex get his present (Rich loves surprises even if they aren't for him!!). I decorated his new bike and we took him outside to see it!!

This is Alex all ready for the day mohawk and all!! He is wearing a new outfit that was really cute and he was too excited to eat breakfast.
8:10am and he's off to school.


At 11:30am I picked up Alex and Alexa from school and took them to Wendy's for lunch.
I told Alex I would take him to lunch and told him to pick somewhere....Alexa of course wanted to get in on it so I told Alex me and him could just go or Alexa could come too if he wanted. He is so nice and decided to let her come along (I was kind of surprised but maybe he just didn't want to go alone with me, I hope not).


Alex rode his bike to my work after school so he wouldn't be home when his friends got there. I invited 4 of his friends to his 'surprise' party. Alex has never had a friend birthday party and he had been asking for one. I just kept putting him off and saying we would have to figure it out. Well the night before his birthday he asked me if he was having a friend party and I told hm that we didn't get anything planned so he asked me if he could have on on Monday and so I told him I would think about it. I knew he was going to be really excited and was just hoping that everything would turn out like I had planned. It did!!



We drove to Trafalga and went miniature golfing. I was thinking we were going to be inside on the new course but it was closed for some reason so we were outside in the wind. It was a little chilly but not too bad, I don't think the kids noticed. Alex's friends Kyle, Justin, Kenidee and Adysen came to the party. I could only invite 4 cause that's all I had room for in the car. Alexa and Max were there too along with me and Rich so it was more like a friend/family party but the kids had a great time golfing. Max really had fun for a while but then he was just in the way.
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