Tuesday, May 13, 2008

THREE is the Magic Number

My Three's

I stole this off someones blog......I love these little games!!

1. Warm (high 70's low 80's), sunny days when I can just be outside watching the kids play or reading a book
2. Going to Logan and spending time with my family up there, me and the kids miss them so much and we love hanging out at mom's deciding what to do and where to eat!!!
3. Having the time and money to go on vacation.

1. I am not a very fearful person but I can't stand snakes, the little ones are ok but I have nightmares about bigger snakes and they really freak me out.
2. Not being liked
3. Getting old and being alone

1. Being able to stay at home with the kids
2. Learning to be more patient and not getting frustrated so easily with my kids
3. I need to really stop buying clothes for myself and the kids, I am a bargain shopper so if something is on sale or pretty inexpensive I have to get it.....like when you go to Old Navy and the clearance is 50% off, you don't need to buy your 7 year old 15 T-shirts but they are $0.99 how do you NOT buy 15!!! I need to re-train my brain somehow but I need help!

1. Watching my TV shows (mostly just LOST and the Office and American Idol)
3. I have quite an obsession/collection with shoes and purses, I just can't stop buying them (again it goes back to my backwards mind-set).

1. I don't like being responsible for making dinner every night. I don't hate cooking, the hard part is thinking of things to make. I hate spending 2 hours preparing a meal that is gone in 15 minutes.
2. I have wanted to start dancing again. I used to live for dancing and I am sad that I don't have that in my life anymore. Not only is it a great way to keep in shape but you can express yourself in different ways through dance and I really miss that. Some of my best childhood memories involve dancing....we took fun trips, went fun places, met cool people.....what can I say I am having a nostalgic moment right now.
3. I LOVE hot dogs. I know most people think they are gross but I love them and I could eat them several times a week (if Rich would let me). 7-11 has a great hot-dog especially when you put some of the yummy liquid cheese on it!!!


Jen B. said...

You are so dang funny!! I think we would get along great!!! I like hot dogs too!! We should go to Wienerschtnzel sometime!! That would be great!!!!

The Duvall Family said...

Angela I have to say that you are one of them most patient people I know so I don't know what you are talking about when you say that you wish you were more patient.

I love hot dogs as well, especially cooked on the grill!

Chelsi said...

I like hot dogs too! They just hit the spot sometimes, especially BBQ hotdogs! Hey I want to join you on the Weinerschntzel trip with Jen B. Thei chili cheese fries are amazing!