Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Alexander Musa Gowon

Today is Alex's 8th Birthday. I just wanted to tell him how much I love him. Alex was born on Mothers Day and since that Mothers Day I have never received a better gift. I am sure Mothers day 2000 will forever be my favorite one. I went to the hospital to be induced at 7:00am and Alex was born around 12:00pm. Needless to say it was a pretty easy delivery and I was so excited to finally have a boy. Growing up with 5 sisters I had my fill of girls and really wanted to have a boy but of course Alexa came first (which I am really glad about) but I was definitely ready for a boy in the family. He was such a good baby, so calm and a great sleeper. Alexa was a huge help for me getting bottles and throwing diapers away. Alex has always been a really mellow child. I have heard so many people say how wild and crazy and naughty boys are but not my Alex (now that I have Max I totally understand what they are talking about). Alex is so good at making friends and he is really easy to get along with. He LOVES roller coasters and going to Lagoon. He looks at roller coasters on the Internet and is always curious if he's tall enough to go on them. Last year at Lagoon he was an inch too short for "Wicked" the new roller coaster and it broke my heart that he could ride it...he had been looking forward to it so much. But this year he is tall enough and he can't wait!!
Alex is really excited for his baptism in a few weeks. I am so grateful that he wants to get baptised and understands what it means and why its so important. I love you Alex and hope that you have a wonderful birthday!!!


Anonymous said...

Alex is such a great kid! We'll have to have a big celebration for him!

Janean said...

Happy Birthday Alex! I hope you have a great day! He is such a cute kid.

Tiesha said...

Sorry, I have to let you know about a spelling error in your header. Doesn't. :o) Don't hate me!

Sarah said...

Holy cow, what a birthday! That is one lucky kid. Happy Birthday Alex!