Thursday, May 15, 2008

Race Cars and my Guys

If you don't know me that well let me explain, I LOVE free stuff. I love signing up for contests and going places where they are doing drawings for prizes etc. So last week we got an invitation to go to Legacy Mazda and meet some race car drivers and see their cars. Rich likes race cars and I knew the boys would think it was pretty cool so we headed over to Orem. They were also giving away T-shirts and Hats and dinner. I didn't know that my favorite radio station would be there...that was a bonus. So we got autographs from some drivers (I have no idea who) and stocked up on some free gifts and ate dinner. I had a hot dog and it was so scrumptious (ok so I had 2) Rich had a couple of burgers and Max ate a bite of pizza. Alex found cake somewhere.

They had these adorable big wheels and were having races for the kids. Max was not very focused on the finish line but he had a great time riding the bikes.

Here is a picture of the 'loot' it is fuzzy for some reason, sorry. And to those of my sisters that love free t-shirts I might have swiped some for you too!!!


Amy said... are the best. You really make me laugh. I am hoping that I am getting in on some of the free t-shirt action!

Anonymous said...

I totally have dibs on the special bus t-shirt (if you grabbed two of those)