Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Cemetery

We went to the cemetery on Sunday. We met the Keller's there and it was perfect weather (we are really glad we went Sunday cause it was really rainy on Monday). My Grandpa (my Mom's Dad) passed away last August so it was his first Memorial Day. It has been along time since I went to the cemetery and my kids have never been. We all wanted to go and visit Grandpa. He is buried in Mantua (that is a tiny town in Sardine Canyon between Brigham and Logan). He grew up there and that is where most of my relatives are buried.

Afterwards we all drove to Brigham to his house (they still haven't sold it) and ate dinner and hung out for awhile. The kids all took something to remember my Grandpa. Alex took a couple of his hats, Max took a baseball bat and Alexa took a chair and a clock. It was good to get together as a family and remember my Grandpa, he was such a great man and we all miss him alot.

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