Friday, May 9, 2008

New Bedding

The basement has been done for a few weeks now but unfortunately we ran out of money so things are not put together and we have no furniture yet. Today Alexa and Alex's Grandma and Grandpa in Africa sent them some money and I thought it would be a great idea to get them some bedding and other things for their rooms.
Alexa wanted to do black and white and she found this one at Target that she really loved. We have to paint her headboard black still (hopefully soon) but I think the black white and hot pink look really incredible.
Alex wasn't sure what he wanted so I just picked this one for him. He is pretty easy to please and really liked it.
Max loves sports and this quilt is so dang cute I had to get it. Rich still needs to put together his "big boy bed" that has been in the garage since December and then his room will be really easy to decorate. Thanks so much Grandpa and Grandma Gowon, I think we'll put the rest of the money in the kids savings accounts.

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Janean said...

I love the black bedspread for Alexa's room it is sooo cute! That looks great with the pink.