Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

I wanted to get a really cute picture of me and the kids on Mothers Day and apparently that was a difficult thing to ask for. We were at the park so I gave Rich the camera and asked the kids to come and sit by me. Rich has no patience and just takes the picture and doesn't even look to see if people are smiling and he will only take one picture. The kids moaned and groaned when I asked them to come over for a picture, like its so difficult to sit down for 2 minutes to take a picture.
Even though it was not the best Mother's day ever, I am very thankful to be a mom and I do have really great kids. I am so blessed that they are all healthy and have such great personalities (well we are still crossing our fingers for Max) just kidding he is sweet, just a little rough. Thanks kids for making my life fun and exciting!!!! I love you!

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Janean said...

Cute picture, I think it turned out great. I should have thought of that idea.