Monday, May 19, 2008

Fathers and Sons Campout

These are some really awesome pictures. I bought a disposable camera for Rich to take some photos of the camp out. I had forgotten how bad the pictures usually turn out. Oh well, I am just impressed that he remembered to take pictures for me. Thanks Rich. It was a first for Rich to go to the Fathers and Sons camp out as a Dad. We went and bought a new tent (seen below) and he and Alex and Max went on their first camping adventure!! They had a fun time, I was a little worried about Rich keeping track of Max but they all came home in one piece....a little tired but who expects to get a great nights sleep in a tent!!

I am not sure why Alex looks so mad in this photo...maybe he didn't want to ever come back home!! The first camp out was a success now it will be fun to see if we ever use the tent again!!!

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Chelsi said...

Way to go Rich!!! It's great when the dad's take pics for the mom to blog1!!