Saturday, December 4, 2010

Project Time

This was one of those projects where I had to ask myself "what was I thinking?"
These little babies were not easy to do. I got out the mess Saturday morning thinking it would take about an hour to get them all glittered and beautiful. I had already spray painted my candlesticks white so all that was left was the glittering and then gluing them onto the candlesticks. Rich was cleaning the house and was waiting to mop the kitchen floor so I needed to hurry and get it done. I had Christmas movies on and started at it.
I bought spray adhesive and then dumped the glitter all over the tree. The hard part was having to put all the leftover glitter back in the shaker because I had no where to set the tree while I was doing this. Long story short, I wanted to pull my hair out and I think I needed to give the adhesive alot more time to dry in between coats because I keep getting clumps of glitter around the bases of my trees...we will see if there is any glitter left by Christmas.

P.S. How in the world am I going to store these fragile objects?? Things I should have thought about before buying all the supplies!!!

The picture was super simple and I LOVE it so maybe it will be on its own next year. I had Sam's make a 16x20 and then spray painted a frame white...super easy!!
The pictures don't do the glitter trees justice...they really are beautiful and sparkly in the dim lights of the Christmas tree. All in all I am definitely going to think hard about the next project I take on!!!


Shortcake and Company said...

I love both of those projects...they look cute! But, oy! Crafts projects that are hellacious stink! And...your little advent cones are adorable too!

Sara said...

I love your craft projects! you did a wonderful job!!!

Tandy said...

they are dang cute! Just roll them up in paper towels that's what I do with my glittery stuff and they come out fine the next year.