Friday, December 3, 2010

Date Night

I met Rich at the park-n-ride so we could head up to Salt Lake for our date!!!
We have made going to the Festival of Trees a tradition and so that is where we headed first. We walked around admiring all the beautiful trees.
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It amazes me every year how creative people are...not to mention generous!! Some of those trees costs thousands of dollars but almost every tree had a SOLD tag on it!

We went to eat at Chili's after and enjoyed a so so meal there. I wasn't too hungry and Chili's wasn't my first choice but that is what marriage is all about right, compromise!! The chips and salsa and molten lava cake are really my favorite reasons to eat at Chili's!

We had tickets to the Utah Jazz game that started at 8:30pm and Rich decided he was pretty tired of driving and he wanted to take TRAX. Well here is another compromise, it was cheaper to drive and pay for parking and would have been a heck of a lot faster but Rich really enjoyed his "relaxing" ride on the train.
We were late for the game but made it there eventually!!

The half time show was pretty cool and we ran into some friends there. The game was not the best, and they ended up getting beat by quite a bit so we thought we better leave a little early to beat the rush on TRAX. Everyone else had the same idea and we ended up having to stand almost the whole ride back. PLUS, there was something that went wrong on the train ahead of us that delayed up for like 15 minutes. Next time Rich suggests TRAX and we are not already downtown I think I will have to remind him of this "not so relaxing" trip back to our car!!!

It was a great way to spend the night, even if it wasn't perfect!

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