Friday, December 17, 2010

The Grand America

While we were at the concert everyone else had McDonald's for dinner and then hit the pool!
We thought we would be able to get in after we got back but it closed at 10pm and that is when we got back!! Alex was disappointed but my dad promised to take him in the morning!

We all had rooms on the same floor in the same area so it was fun to just pop into every one's room to see what was going on.
The bathrooms were amazing...but they did not have locks on the doors which proved to be a little problem for Monica while she was in the shower!!
The Clark's didn't eat before the concert so Dave went and got Wendy's.
Korver is looking relaxed on his soft fluffy bed made from the bedspreads.
We all had our pj's on but we hadn't really explored the lobby so we headed down to see what was going on down there. No, we probably do not really "belong" at the Grand America but we sure enjoyed ourselves!

We saw a limo pull up from our room and someone said "I bet David Archuleta is staying here, let's run down and see." So some people hurried down to the lobby and sure enough, it was him but they didn't get a very good look cause he was surrounded by security!

Max was trying to snuggle in with gramps and get some sleep but
Owen wanted to play!!!

We all decided it was time to get some sleep, I think it was about 2ish when we finally hit the sack.

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