Saturday, December 18, 2010

More Swimming and Stuff at "The Grand"

Just as promised as soon as the kids were awake they hit the pool with my dad and had some fun!!!
Alex doing flips!!
Alexa and Kenzie didn't really want to swim but who knows if they will ever get the chance to use the pool at the Grand America again!!!
Brooklyn trying out some tricks!
Brin, Alex, Max and Jake warming up, I guess the pool was pretty cold! They had a good time!!
Alex and Jake showered in the men's locker room with my dad and got an eyeful of some naked old man!! Why do men think it's OK to be naked??

Amy had some late night adventures with Nixon, he couldn't sleep and was screaming his head off just shortly after we all went to bed. The only thing that would calm him down was riding the elevator. When they got down to the lobby she heard a lady singing and decided to go see what was going on. It was some lady and David Archuleta and his 2 brothers. She was in her pj's with a grumpy baby at 3am in the lobby and happens to run into David Archuleta!! She said it was awkward not to say something to him so she just started telling him that some of her family went to the concert and loved it. He asked her what the heck she was doing and they talked for a minute and then she went back up to her room!

I got the tub ready for Max...I think I went a little overboard on the bubbles but he had a blast!!!
It was hard trying to wash him in all those bubbles so I made him jump in the shower after to get all the bubbles off so he could actually wash!!

This is the view from our room, we overlooked the courtyard and it was pretty!
Jake was pretty nervous about being out on the balcony.
He thought Alex was crazy for sitting here in this pose, he kept telling him he was going to die!!

After everyone got all showered and ready for the day we all went down to the lobby to decide what to do next. Check out was at noon so that made it nice.

They had a Holiday ABC's window stroll where you go around the hotel and find the letters of the alphabet in the windows and then you turn in your paper for a treat. We had fun finding what all the letters stood for, but we got side tracked alot and it ended up taking a long time to finish!!

Kenzie played us some Christmas Carols on the grand piano, it was beautiful!
We had fun looking at all the houses in the Enchanted Gingerbread Forest. They were amazing!!!
There were so many cute trees we couldn't pass up on all the photo op's.
Mom and Dad
The Summer's family
This desk was a hit...not really sure what these crazy kids are doing but they were having some fun that is for sure!!!
Here is one of the greatest things about the hotel...all over they had these huge jars filled with gumballs and jawbreakers and sixlets. We all had tired jaws from all the gumballs but how do you resist???
After we got our treat and were heading out of the lobby we ran right into Mr. and Mrs. Claus, they were in a hurry but stopped to take a quick photo with some of the kids!! No one really wanted to leave the wonderful hotel but it was lunchtime and the men were getting hungry and grumpy!!!

We hopped on TRAX and headed to Crown Burger (the only thing the majority could agree on). It is hard having a group of 23 people trying to make decisions. Lunch was good and then we went to The Gateway to walk around and do a little shopping. It seems I spent most my time sitting on the exercise bike at Dick's waiting for people to build bears and such!!! We had a great time and it was a perfect way to spend the weekend before Christmas!!

We all said good-bye and went our separate ways, we stopped at Fazzoli's for dinner on our and made it home around 10pm.

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Shortcake and Company said...

What a fun outing!! I love the Grand America and was so bummed I missed the windows this year. I didn't know they had them! Looks like a blast!