Monday, December 6, 2010

Cope Family FHE

We all met at the Duvall's house for the annual Cope family grand kids Christmas party. Thanks for having us!!
Rich started the night off by cutting his finger on the front door and having to get bandaged up by Jennifer. He was pretty miserable the rest of the night, his finger was throbbing pretty bad.
The kids made graham cracker gingerbread houses. Max had a lot of fun decorating the house I put together for him.
Alex was going for a more unique look and he got his creative juices flowing.
He made a hotel called the "Ginger Inn" and it turned out really cute!
Alexa and Harrison were "too cool" to make gingerbread houses so they both just played on their phones.

We got the mess cleaned up and patiently waited for our special visitor to arrive.
Santa Claus made it and wanted to read the kids a book. It was a cute book and they all sat very quietly listening, that is everyone except Josee who was jabbering through the whole story, it was hilarious!!!

It was finally time for the kids to sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. We always start with the youngest and work our way up.
Max was first in our family, before we left for the party Rich had told Max that Santa was going to be there. Max got really excited and ran into his room, he came out with his "magazines" from Thanksgiving. I had completely forgotten about them and we all had a good laugh. When he got up on Santa's lap and pulled them out everyone was laughing and thought it was so funny. He wanted to show Santa everything he had circled but there was not time for that. Santa was worried because he had such a big list!!
Oh how I love my Maxwell, he is always making me laugh!!
Alex asked for an iPod touch and some other things, he loves sitting on Santa's lap.
Alexa is always last to sit on Santa's lap. I have no idea what she asked for, probably a car or something!!!
Rich's parents also got a chance to sit on Santa's lap. They were good sports and we all took pictures. I don't think they told him what they wanted for Christmas though!
Oh the magic of Christmas!!
We ended the night eating a lot of cookies. It was a great night and I love that we have these fun traditions to look forward to!!!

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