Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

Rich put the sheet up last night so when the kids wake up they can't peek in. We all got up about 8am and that is when the fun began.
Santa was extra nice to the kids this year. They all got a "singamajig" I think I am the only one that thinks they are cute.
They took turns opening the presents from Santa.

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Max got some Transformers and Bakugons and a hot wheels ramp with new cars...he was really excited about all his gifts!!

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Alex got some Wii games, a rat hat, a hot wheels ramp and Sims 3 for the DS. I think he was happy with everything he got!

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Alexa got CD's and DVD's, new boots, a Jazz sweatshirt, and Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii.

Max and Alex both got a new scooter.

Rich and I thought it would be a good idea to get each child 1 big present instead of a lot of little stuff that they don't want or need.
Max got a new bike!!!
Alex got a new red camera!!!
Alexa got a new stereo!!!

Rich and I also put a limit on the gifts we get each other. I wanted to do a homemade gift but Rich wasn't having it. We decided to go with a $30 limit (not sure where that number came from, but it is as good as any).
I got Rich this awesome shirt and a new football. Rich picked out some really cute red boots (all by himself) and a new ring for me. I guess I should have given someone the camera but I forgot!!

Here is the aftermath of all the gift opening...looks like a tornado came in but that's the way we love it on Christmas morning!!

We had a wonderful Christmas morning and there was one more surprise...


Shortcake and Company said...

I love seeing what Santa leaves at other people's homes. Sounds like you were all good at the Cope home. So, does Santa wrap each child's gift in the same wrapping paper? One pattern per child?

angela said...

usualy santa doesn't wrap but since rich and i only gave them 1 big gift santa wanted them to be able to have fun opening his gifts so yes each one had different paper.