Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Tree Advent

We have never had an advent calendar for Christmas so when I saw this on a friends blog I thought it was the perfect idea. She even shared her cute paper with me, thanks Chels.

I am not a very crafty person but when I see all these cute ideas and projects I think "I can do that." It usually ends up with me asking myself "why did I think I could do this?"
This project wasn't actually too bad, the trees were not perfect and the double sided tape did not hold very well but all in all I think they are pretty cute!
So since it is December 1st, today was the first day to "pick a tree." All the trees have little papers under them with either an activity or a treat or what not. I am not going to post about this everyday because most of them are treats and that would be boring, but hopefully the kids will have fun with it!
They decided to go youngest to oldest so Max was first.
The treat for tonight was Christmas colored silly putty. I didn't want to do too much candy so I tried to find little toys or whatever to throw in. Let's just say Alexa and Alex were not as excited for their silly putty as Max was!

1 down 24 to go!!!

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Shortcake and Company said...

You're welcome! Glad your kids are enjoying the activity. Mine sure are...waking up at almost 6 a.m. every day to see what's under the cone!?!? Wow...the simple pleasures of being a child.