Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Book Club

Tonight we all headed to Lehi to enjoy our annual Christmas dinner/book club/book exchange. Our friend Tandy moved far away from us last year and it was my first time at her was beautiful!!!
She had the place looking like a million bucks, her tree was gorgeous and so was the table. Man, she really knows how to throw a party! We ate appetizers and chatted.
Here Mel and I are in a deep discussion (I bet you wish you knew what we were talking about)!!!
Tandy made chicken cordon bleu with a yummy mustard sauce and potatoes. We had rolls and carrots and salad and jello salad. I was stuffed but I didn't want anything to go to waste!
We then discussed the book, "Hard times and Holy Places" and everyone who read it thoroughly enjoyed it. Then it was on to the book exchange. It started out kind of slow and no one was "stealing" but then Liz got the ball rolling and I think everyone ended up with something they will enjoy.
Then there was dessert and more chatting and soon it was 11pm. We all packed up back into the cars and headed for home. It was a wonderful night.

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