Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve in Nephi

This morning me, dad, Alex and Max went on a donut run!! Usually it is just me and dad but the kids really wanted to come so we let them. We ate our donuts and had hot chocolate and then we had to get going.

We got home around 2pm and I made a jell-o for tonight then I took a little nap. Rich was visiting his Grandma. We all showered and got ready and then headed out to Nephi to the Pauole's to eat and party it up!!

We had a delicious meal of ham and roast beef, baked potatoes, yummy rolls, jello, salad and corn. Everyone was there and we all had a really good time. The kids were anxious to open presents.

Cynthia had the kids think about ways they could serve people and they each put an ornament on the tree after they gave their answers. Grandma Cope told the story of Jesus's birth and the kids were pretty patient and listened pretty well for the most part. Then it was time for the exchange. It starts youngest to oldest and there are 27 grand kids so it takes a while. Max got a remote control spider that climbs up the walls from one of the Rogers girls. Alex got a bunch of Halloween stuff to use in his haunted house from one of the Swenson kids. Alexa got a very cute sweater and tank top from one of the Duvall kids. McKell and Joseph had Rich and I, he got a gift card to Chili's and I got one to Target (my favorite store)!! Rich's parents gave everyone a big roaster, See's candy, sparkling cider and a box of Franken Berry cereal (a funny tradition they have). We had a great night and everyone was excited to get home so Santa could come!!

We got home about 10pm and we all got into our new jammies (except Rich because he never wears them so I didn't waste money on them this year) and the kids went downstairs to watch "A Christmas Story." I made 7 layer dip for tomorrow and then Rich and I went to my work to get all the gifts. That is where I did all my wrapping this year, it was nice to not have to try and find hiding places at home.

We got everything all set up but Max couldn't fall asleep so I went down with him to watch the movie and I fell asleep too, Rich came and got me around 1am to go to bed.

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