Thursday, December 23, 2010

Little Yule Often

The kids and I headed up to Logan this afternoon for Little Yule Often. We got there around 3pm and mom wasn't home so we headed to the mall for some last minute shopping. We walked around for a while and then decided we were done.
We ordered Wok on Wheels for dinner and it was delicious!!

We started right in on frosting the sugar cookies. I am not sure why Alex wasn't participating. It seems like we didn't have very many cookie frosters this year!!! Monica made us some wierd colors of frosting but they still taste great!!

Then it was time to get the fry cakes going. My mom makes the dough then my dad rolls them out and cuts them and then I (sometimes I get some help) flip them and then mom frys them up.

Jake joined in the fun with me (it was his first time helping) and Amy and Melissa helped too. Amy got her Elvis Christmas CD going and it was all good from there!!
Monica always put on a stocking hat and runs downstairs because she dosen't like to smell like fry cakes!! She is crazy. We had a great time making christmas goodies and being together!!

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