Friday, December 17, 2010

MoTab Christmas Concert with David Archuleta

Last month I got a text from Melanie saying that I should register for tickets to the Christmas Concert with David Archuleta at the Conference Center. They are free tickets but they have so many people wanting to go that they do a random drawing. Well, I was the only lucky one from my family and got 4 tickets!!! Mel got tickets for her family to watch from the Tabernacle on Temple Square.

Since Max and Brinlie and Korver are too little to go (and there were not enough tickets) we decided to do what we did last year and all get rooms at the Little America Hotel. Melanie booked the rooms for the whole family!

On the way to Salt Lake I got a text from Monica that said "Please join us at the Grand America tonight, Merry Christmas." She was driving down with mom, dad and Amb and I thought she was just messing with me so I called and she confirmed that my mom and dad switched the reservations to the GRAND AMERICA!!! A dream come true!! We met there and hurried and ate Subway for dinner and then us and the Clark's hopped on TRAX to get to the concert.

It was a great performance and the atmoshere was incredible.
I didn't take any pictures inside the Confrence Center because they asked you not to so I just borrowed these from the internet.
We had pretty great seats for the show (minus the roving camera that was right over our heads). The music was beautiful and I was really glad we were able to see it. After it was over we headed back on the train to the hotel.

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