Friday, June 12, 2009

Swim Lessons

My little fish...oh wait I mean Alex LOVES water! He loves it the most out of anyone I know (even Monica, who claims to be a dolphin)!! He is a great swimmer and has an awesome teacher!!

He learned the back crawl this year in class and had it down right away. He is a natural when it comes to water activities.
Here is Alex doing the "front crawl" that is his best stroke. He is good at turning his head and taking breaths, that is something I never mastered. I can swim pretty good I just don't do it right!! I love the flared nostrils...he is really getting a good breath in this shot!!!
This picture makes me laugh...he has taken lessons here for the past 3 years. His teacher turned on these water jets that were so awesome. She asked if anyone wanted to swim in the middle lane and this was Alex's response. None of the other kids wanted to (I think they liked the safety of the wall). Like I said, Alex has NO FEAR when it comes to water (which is ironic since he had two pretty serious drowning experiences when he was little).
Here they are practicing their different "strokes" under the water fountains. The idea was to stay under the "tunnel" and that helped them to swim straight.
This was the last day of class and she didn't teach diving in this class but for the last 10 minutes she showed them what a dive was and had them each try it from the edge of the pool. Alex decided to also do a dive off the diving board...not too bad for his first time!!

They had a contest at the end of class to see who could do their "dead man float" for the longest and they had to do it correctly (that means that you have to blow bubbles right before you come up for air)...Alex WON!!!
He got to choose a prize and he choose this bubble sword. He was pretty excited about winning!!
His teacher takes these underwater pictures and I just took a picture of it. I think underwater pictures are great!!!
Alex passed the level and gets to move up!!! His teacher also told me that I should put him on swim team because he is a natural and he would be awesome!!! Oh Alex, you make me so proud!!!

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