Monday, June 8, 2009

My Dad's Birthday

My dad turned 57 today. We gave him his gift last night at Mel's house. My dad is the BEST, here are some reasons why...

*he is such a hard worker
*he can fix just about anything
*he just retired from his "real job" so he can get things taken care of with all the apartments. He has pretty much worked 2 full time jobs for 20 something years
*he loves playing with his grand kids (especially watching movies)
*is a great example
*he got stuck with 6 GIRLS and has survived so far
*enjoys golfing (but never get to go)
*he has a strong testimony
*has a great attitude

I love you dad, wish I could have been there to see you blow out your candles...I bet there was a LOT of smoke after that!!!

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