Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Baby is 3

Today my baby is "3" I can't believe is funny the way time works because some days I can't really remember life without him and then other days it seems like it has been such a short time that he has been in our family.

The Harris's were here (they are on their way to St George) this morning so that was fun that Owen was here on Max's birthday. They had breakfast and gave Max a present and then they were off and I headed off to work.
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I thought it would be fun to go see a movie so I let Max pick. He wanted to go to "Transformers" but that isn't out for a few weeks so I told him it had to be "Up" or "Night at the Museum 2" he picked "Night at the Museum 2." Me and the kids went and it was a cute movie.

Jennifer and Creed came over to give Max a birthday present. He was really excited to get a Spiderman "suitcase" full of coloring books and stickers. It was so nice of Creed to come give Max a present on his birthday!
I made Max's cake and then had to take Alexa to her softball game. Me and the boys watched Alexa's game and then met Rich at "chicken donald's" for dinner, Max's pick of course.

We went home and he opened his presents. He ripped into one, got excited and then put it down and started into the next one. He kept asking "what is in it?" and I would say "open it up and see" and he was like "okay" it was really cute he did that every time. He got some DVD's, a tool box and tools, some toys and a Spiderman scooter.
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He was most excited about his Power Rangers costume. He had to get it open and try it out first.

Then it was CAKE TIME!!!
Max really wanted a football cake with football guys on it. He also wanted there to be a button that you push and the guy throws the football but I wasn't able to make that happen. I am pretty embarassed about the way the cake turned out but he was happy with it and that is all that matters!!

He was really anxious to ride his new scooter but it needed a little assembly. Rich went to get the tools and when he got back outside Max had his tool set and said, "Dad, can you use my tools?" so Rich acted like he was using Max's new tools and that made him really happy!

I went to book club after the party and Rich and the kids played with Max and his new toys.


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