Monday, June 29, 2009

The Pool...First Time This Summer

June has been very unusual weather wise. We have had tons of rain and temperatures in the 80's (if we were lucky)...for me this is FABULOUS, I HATE being hot unless I am at the pool. Here it is the end of June and today is the first day that we have made it to a pool!!!
We went to the Provo pool and met some of Rich's family there. Steph and her kids, Jennifer and her kids and Janean and her kids. It was a great day to be at the pool.
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The kiddie pool is the place to be!!! It is great to just be able to sit in the shallow water and keep cool while watching the kids play and have a great time!!
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It was fun to have so many people there to play with and talk to.
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I LOVE these pictures. I guess the pool decided this year not to allow cameras . I was taking some pictures of the kids and the Lifeguard came up and told me they didn't allow cameras. I thought that was really a dumb rule and one that I didn't feel bad about breaking, I just had to be discreet about it. I took these of the kids while we were snacking under the tree!!!
We did have a great day but had to cut it kind of short in order to get home for dinner/FHE with all the Cope's. Carrie made scones and we are having Navajo Tacos at the was a toss up but the Navajo Tacos won, I LOVE them!!!

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