Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Softball and Baseball

Tonight both kids had games. There have been many nights like this the past few weeks. Max and I have spent LOTS and LOTS of time at the ballparks of Spanish Fork cheering on Alexa and Alex.
They each have 2 games a week and that is a minimum of 6 hours at the ballpark. There are times when they play at the same time so I have to go back and forth but tonight Alexa's game was at 5pm and Alex's was at 6:15pm so I got to see most of both (I did have to leave to take Alex to his game, then come back watch the end of Alexa's and head back to Alex's). Luckily the ball parks are pretty close to each other.
It was cloudy and kind of chilly at the start of Alexa's game. She is on a pretty good team this year. Here are some shots of her hitting.
This one was a foul ball.
She got a small hit that went right to the pitcher but because of errors by the other team she was able to make it all the way to 3rd base!!! I think the next time she was up she struck out (her first one of the season) and then she got another hit the next time. She either plays 3rd base or outfield and I didn't get any shots of that.

Here is Alex...
he hit the ball to first base and got out but it was a good hit. His coach tells them to never feel bad about getting out on a hit. He just gets mad when they don't even try to hit the ball and strike out. He is a great coach and Alex has learned alot this year. Alex thinks he is mean because they have practice after they loose a game and sometimes he makes them run laps. I think he is a good coach and am glad that he is helping the boys learn what it is to be a team.

Next week is the last week of games unless they get into the tournament...I will take some more shots next week!!

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