Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last Week of "Regular Season" Games

Yeterday was Alex's last "regular season" baseball game. The coach isn't sure if they will be in the city tournament yet...Alex is crossing his fingers that they aren't...he is pretty much done playing but we will just have to see!!
We haven't had any "rain-outs" this year even though it has rained almost every day of June. It has been a really wierd June so far, I have only turned the a/c on one time, I don't think it has even been in the 90's, mostly 70's and partly cloudy with rain on and off. Ok, now that I have the weather forcast out of the way, back to baseball.
It started pouring about the 3rd inning and it was coming down hard. Alex was in the outfield getting soaked and I was huddled with Max under the umberella (he artually fell asleep). It let up after about 15 or 20 minutes.
I couldn't really get any "action" shots without getting soaked so I made Alex come over to the bleachers and took some pictures. He is such a handsome kid!!!

Here we are at Alexa's last regular baseball game...she is in the city tournament for sure so I know she still has more games coming. The weather was alot better for her game. It did sprinkle for a minute and was pretty chilly and then 10 minutes later the sun was out and it was really warm.
Monica was here to watch the game. Before it started she told Alexa she wanted a "double." Alexa got up to bat and she did one better and got a "triple!" It was a great hit, she really only should have made it to second but she just kept running and made it a triple! They ended up having a pretty controversial game and the coach for the other team was yelling at the umpire and the crowd got pretty involved too but we won and it was a great game.
We went back home and got the car packed up and had dinner at Hogi Yogi, dropped off Monica's car at Noni (we will need it to get home from the race on Saturday) and headed for Logan.

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