Thursday, June 11, 2009

5th Anniversary

FIVE years ago on this very day my life changed completely...Rich and I were sealed for time and all eternity in the Logan temple and then Alexa and Alex were sealed to us, making us an eternal family! It was such a special day and not just for me and Rich but for ALL of us!
We have always celebrated this day as a couple and also as a family. Tonight we celebrated as a family!

Rich brought me these beautiful flowers while I was at work. He took the day off to get some things done in our yard but the weather wasn't very cooperative. He brought in some mulch so he could finish planting the bushes around the house. It was pouring rain the whole time he was unloading it. Needless to say he didn't get anything planted.
Rich and I are going on a cruise in August for our anniversary present. Why August you ask?? Well it was booked for June but Rich lost his birth certificate (he was born in Germany) so it isn't that easy (or quick) to get a copy. He had to mail a request to Washington DC and they said it can take up to 6 weeks. So we moved it to August and I can't wait!!!

Rich thought it would be fun to eat at the food court in the mall and then go see a movie!!
No one was really happy about me taking out my camera at the embarrassing! Whatever, no one cares and who cares if they do!!!
No one really cooperated when I said "say cheese" so this is what I got!
I took a picture of Rich's pizza because I thought it was pretty (it was SO STINKY though). I don't know why but it really smelled bad!! I always hate going out to eat with Rich because I swear he never even bothers to look at prices when he is ordering and then he is all surprised when they tell him how much the total is...he has done this since the first day we were married (we went to Sea World on our honeymoon and his lunch cost like $25 just for his, not even kidding)!! When we were dating I remember him asking me how I could afford to eat out with the kids and I told him it really isn't that I can understand why he can't afford to eat out alot!
His dinner was just under $10 for a pizza and a drink. Me and Alexa got Panda Express for less then what he paid for just him!!! That is usually the case, I will order for me and the kids and see the total, then Rich orders and it almost always DOUBLES!! One of these days I am going to be able to get him to actually look at the prices of things before he orders them, maybe by our 10 year anniversary!!
Max was willing to smile with me for a picture!

We shopped around the mall for a while and then went to "Up." It was a really cute movie and I am so glad that we were all able to celebrate our special day together!!

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Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary! That's fun that you celebrated with the kids. I want to see Up.