Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mavericks and A's

The kids both had games again tonight...same time, 8:30pm and both lasted over 2 hours and both teams LOST!!
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Me and Max went to Alexa's game first for a while. When we left Alexa's team was getting beat and I figured they would loose and the game would be over soon. They ended up tying so they had to do extra innings but they still lost.
Max enjoyed his green ring pop and running around on the empty field while I watched Alexa play.

We headed over to the other ball park to see the end of Alex's game.
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They were winning when we got there and I was happy about that. Things quickly took a turn for the worse and they let the other team score like 10 runs. Alex was up to bat and the ball hit him in the hand. He ran to first (because if you get hit you get to take a base). He was crying and I went to see if he was OK. The coach for the other team said that the ball hit the bat first and that Alex needed to come back to home plate. His hand was hurting and he didn't want to keep batting but he did and ended up getting walked anyway. The coaches for the other team were pretty out of control (our coach was pretty heated too). They ended up losing so they have practice tomorrow. The coach doesn't expect them to win every game but he gets frustrated when they loose on errors, which is exactly what happened.
We ended getting home close to 11pm. Long night!!

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Melissa said...

Man, you are busy with baseball. I love Alex in a baseball hat!