Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Backyard Fun @ Steph's

Steph called today and asked if the kids wanted to come over and swim in the backyard and of course they did!!!
They have the funnest blow-up slide that all the kids love. It's always a party at the Duvall's house!
They also had a swimming pool that the little ones loved playing in.
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Most of the cousins were there so there were lots of kids to play with. Max loved splashing around in the pool.
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I wish I would have put on my looked like they were having SO MUCH FUN!!!
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Alex LOVED going down the slide and he kept trying different ways to go down. He did flips, twists, went backwards and head first. He had a great time!!! They played for a few hours and it was a pretty hot day. Alex had a baseball game so me Harrison, Kynlie, Laura and Audrey went to watch him and then we got a shaved ice after. Max went to play with Ashton.

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Melissa said...

Um.....FUN!! I want to be invited!