Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day FUN

Here is a taste of what our Father's Day consisted of:

Nothing beats a backyard baseball game.

They all took turns pitching and hitting and even ran the bases (alot of times they don't bother running the bases they just hit). Alexa was doing some sweet maneuvers to avoid Jason getting her out, I think he ended up getting her.

Alex was having a great time and Jason is quite the pitcher.

He also has sweet form too. I am wondering why he didn't go professional!!!

The little kids always enjoy the swingset. Rich pushed Max and they were having a great time. I love just being able to watch everyone having so much fun!!

My Mom went all out this year and bought us all really delicious steaks...Filet Mignon no less. That is a big deal for our family.
My dad knows just how to grill em up so they are delicious!!!
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We ate outside on the patio and the meal was really tasty! We had a great time eating and talking.

Best game ever!!
A great way to end the day was with a good old fashion bubble gum game!! We LOVE it!! It is a great game and everyone should play it (instructions below)!!
Melissa supplied us with the gum. It is great to get a variety of different kinds. Different flavors and different packaging, it makes the game more interesting. We couldn't figure out why Melissa decided to buy "Freedent" since it is a denture gum but whatever, it worked!!
Here is a pre-game picture. We had more people show up, that is the beauty of this game you can come in half way into the game or you can just give up if your jaw starts to hurt too much.
I don't think Brinlie played but she sure wanted to make a face for my camera!! She is precious! The rest of the pictures speak for themselves!!!
I think Melissa ended up winning the game with the biggest wad. She is pretty intense when it comes to the bubble gum game!!
All you need to play is: a group of FUN people, assorted types of gum, 2 dice, a fork & knife and a pan to put it in. You take turns rolling and when you get doubles it is your turn to dig in and get as much gum unwrapped (with the fork and knife...NO HANDS) and into your mouth. When someone else gets doubles it is their turn. You play until the gum is gone or you can't chew anymore!!! Hours of fun!!

We had a great day and left for home LATE. It was a great weekend and I am thankful for all the "father's" in my life...I love you all!!!

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