Monday, June 1, 2009

Dance Review

This year Alexa danced at Dance Connection in Salem. She took the Hip Hop class and really enjoyed her teacher and the classes.

These pictures were taken at the studio a few weeks ago and I had to take a picture of the picture since I don't have a scanner (I really need to get one). The quality isn't great but that is her class and she really liked the costume this year.

Tonight was the final dance Review, the studio is closing and so she will have to find somewhere else to dance in the fall.
I didn't get any "pre show" pictures because they had to be there early so all these were taken after the show.
My Mom and Amberly drove down to see her dance one last time. Her driving time was longer than the time she was actually here. Alexa was glad they came and you can always count on my Mom to show up to all the recitals and programs etc. that her kids and grandkids are in.
Most of Rich's family came too. The Anderson's are the only ones that stayed until the end so that is why I only have pictures of them. Steph and some of her kids came along with Norma, McKell and Jossee, and all the Swenson's. It is great to have such a supportive family and Alexa really appreciated them all coming. She is such a great dancer and is very talented.
Kynlie gave he a big hug after she was done, it was really cute.

We hadn't eaten dinner and neither had Mom or Amb so we thought Barry's would be a great place to grab some.
We ate and talked and then we said Goodbye and they headed for home.

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Melissa said...

I love watching Alexa dance. She is awesome! I hope she finds another studio she enjoys!