Sunday, November 30, 2008

Completed "Thankful Book"

I really surprised myself and was very diligent in writing in my "Thankful book" every night before I went to bed. I had so many things each day to be grateful for so I tried to not duplicate things. I tried to be as descriptive as I could so that I would remember better in the future. I am going to copy my entries here so that I will always have them (who knows where that little notebook will end up in a few years)!! I am going to copy it exactly as I wrote it, sometimes I went to bed late so hopefully they make sense!

Nov 1st
I am so grateful for Melissa and Steve and the awesome party they hosted tonight (our families late Halloween party).
Nov 2nd
I am so grateful for the gospel in my life. I am grateful for my testimony. I know that this is the true church and that we have a prophet of God here on the earth today, President Monson. I know that Jesus Christ came here to earth and was a perfect example for each one of us and that he made all things possible through the Atonement. I know that my Heavenly Father knows me and loves me, even when I make wrong choices. I know he hears and answers my prayers. I am grateful for the scriptures and I need to read them more and understand them better.
Nov 3rd
I love the wind blowing all the beautifully colored leaves all over the streets...crisp, cool air outside is the best!
Nov 4th
I am grateful today for the opportunity that I had to vote. I am so thankful for this wonderful country that I live in and all the advantages and opportunities that I have. I am so grateful for my freedoms and the people that sacrifice so much to protect them.
Nov 5th
SNOW...I woke up to some beautiful white snow on the ground!!
Nov 6th
I am so thankful for my Book Club friends...they are the best!!!
Nov 7th
I am thankful for my job and all the things I have learned. I enjoy it most of the time!
Nov 8th
I am thankful for caring, generous, thoughtful people. Today Amberly got her trike that was paid for with donations, she was so happy. There are some wonderful people in this world!
Nov 9th
I am grateful for the young Women's program.
Nov 10th
I am so thankful for technology, it is so wonderful to be able to stay in touch with my family through e-mail and blogs!
Nov 11th
It is Veteran's Day. I am so thankful I live in this country, for all the freedoms and opportunities. I am glad that there are selfless men and women who are willing to defend them for us, thank you so much!
Nov 12th
I am so grateful for missionary work. The sacrifice is great, and I am happy that we have such worth, ambitious members who are willing to go out and teach the gospel.
Nov 13th
I am so thankful that I am married to Rich. He is a man of integrity and someone that I really look up to and respect. He is such a hard worker and so helpful around the house. He has provided me and the kids with a beautiful home and all the things we need. He is a very faithful servant of our Heavenly Father and an excellent example to everyone. He loves the Lord and serves with all his heart. He takes his Priesthood very seriously and is worth of all the blessings he has received. I love him with all my heart!
Nov 14th
I am so glad that the price of gas is now under $2 per gallon. A few months ago it was over $4 a gallon. i hope it will stay this price!
Nov 15th
I am so happy to have a loving husband who wants to spend time with me. When we got married we decided to always make time for each other and have a "date night" once a week. It has really helped strengthen our marriage.
Nov 16th
I am so thankful for the temple and that I am part of an eternal family. Alex gave a talk today in the Primary program about his experience in the temple, I hope he will always remember that day and make it a goal to be sealed to his eternal companion someday!
Nov 17th
I am so thankful for books...I really enjoy reading and getting to escape to a different place and time. I am trying to read my scriptures every night too, so far so good!
Nov 18th
I am so grateful for my Bunco friends, we have been doing it for over 3 years now and I have made some really great friends. I really enjoy the time we spend together.
Nov 19th
I am so thankful for free agency even though it makes life so much harder. Sometimes bad choices bring wonderful blessings that wouldn't have been possible otherwise.
Nov 20th
Midnight movies and Mom and daughter bonding (Twilight)
Nov 21st
I am so thankful I am healthy
Nov 22nd
I am so grateful for our neighborhood and the nice area we live in.
Nov 23rd
I am thankful for the priesthood in our home. Alexa has not been feeling well and Rich gave her a blessing last night. I am so glad he honors his Priesthood and am very blessed to see how it works, even in the smallest ways.
Nov 24th
I am grateful for a reliable car that gets me where I need to go.
Nov 25th
I am so glad we live so close to all Rich's family and for their friendship and love and wonderful examples.
Nov 26th
I am so glad when we get the chance to go to Logan and spend time with my family. I love them SO much and I miss them ALL the time.
Nov 27th
I am grateful for my Mom and all her hard work and all that she has taught me. She is very loving and selfless and I love her very much. I am extremely thankful for my Dad, he is the hardest working man I know, he is SO knowledgeable and can fix anything. I love that he will drop everything to spend time with his kids and grandkids. We are all so lucky to have them in our lives.
Nov 28th
I am thankful for traditions. Going shopping in the early hours of the morning would be pointless without my 5 sisters. Thanks for the memories!!
Nov 29th
I am grateful for Christmas music and the wonderful mood that it puts people in.
Nov 30th
I am thankful for my Grandpa and all the things he taught me. I am so grateful for the legacy that he left his kids and grandkids and great grandkids. He was a great example and I really miss him and his smile!


Shannon said...

Great things to be thankful for. That is such a good idea. It helps to put things into perspective that life really is good.

Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing! That was great.

Amy said...

You are wonderful and I wish I would have been as diligent as you were. I will keep trying!