Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Mom's HAUNTED House

My mom LOVES Halloween. I am pretty sure that she is the reason that Alex LOVES Halloween so much!! She has SO MANY decorations it's not even funny. Her Birthday is in October and so she always got a ton of cute Halloween stuff for her Bday, now we just can't give her anymore cause she doesn't have anywhere left to put it!!

My Mom makes all Holidays really special and Halloween is maybe the BEST (her Christmas stuff is great but I think Halloween takes the prize)!!

Since October is such a crazy month we didn't get to even see her house until after Halloween. I remember when I was younger and all the neighborhood would come over just to see all her fun decorations (I guess they still do).

Thanks Mom for all the hard work (and Dad for hauling all the boxes) it is SO much work and everyone really appreciates it!!

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