Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner

This is the year when ALL my family is together for Thanksgiving Day...we were really glad that Brandon and Mandi came up too (we missed the rest of the Keller clan, they got the flu and probably had a miserable Thanksgiving).
We all have certain jobs on Thanksgiving...Mom does the turkey and rolls (Melissa was taking lessons from her this year). Dad does the potatoes and alot of other stuff, Monica does the stuffing, Alexa helps set the table, Jason makes the cranberry sauce, not really sure what Mel, Melissa and Amy's jobs are (they do help I think)...I do the sweet potatoes and have for as long as I can remember. For some reason Amy and Melissa wanted to have a try but I wouldn't let them and they kept trying to sneak in and snatch my job...whats up with that??
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We have alot of fun preparing the food and all being together in the kitchen. One of these days my Mom and Dad might have to upgrade to a larger house...we are running out of room!!
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It is sad that it takes all day to prepare the meal and like 20 minutes to gobble it down (unless your Brandon, then it takes an hour)!! I like the rolls, stuffing and sweet potatoes the best!!!
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Rich drove up today and was late because he locked himself out of the house when he went running, his Dad was able to "break in" to our house and let him in. He got there as we were all finishing so we tried to keep him company as he ate. Max refused to eat anything at all...he had 3 baby oranges later in the night, I hope he can survive on what little he eats!!


Melissa said...

Since you said that you're not really sure what my job is, I was just trying to help out with the sweet year!

angela said...

ya right...keep dreaming melissa!!