Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Party "Oliver" Style

My family all went to Melissa and Steve's house for our annual Halloween Celebration. We did it a day late because my niece Whytli got baptized this morning and we didn't want to miss it so we headed up to Logan after the baptism.
Melissa really knows how to throw a fantastic party!! We had yummy potato skins (that were a huge hit) and brain jello and mummy dogs and chips and cookies and sloppy was a really great spread!! We ate ALL night long!!

Here are some pictures of the costumes (this is a long post, sorry)

Alex - Hula Girl

Monica - An ER Doctor holding Max - Bat

Max showing us how he flies (laying on the ground...he was actually having a fit about something, I know very surprising Max having a fit)!

My Dad - Scary right?? (he was Homer Simpson as you will see later)

My Mom - A Beautiful Maiden (in a youth sized costume, you go mom)

Amberly - Monica's patient

Brooklyn - Scarecrow

Brinlie - Cave Girl (or something, not really sure...oh I think a cat, sorry)

Kenzie - Elvyra

Owen - Elephant (he is showing me what elephants do)

Amy - 80's Girl

Jason - Thug

Melissa - Rocker

Ryan - Gorilla

Ok so my mom came in the kitchen and I yelled "Mom watch out" cause she hadn't seen Ryan in his costume yet and she started screaming and running and so of course he started chasing was priceless!!

Rich also had some fun scaring people with his gross costume. Max was not a huge fan of the dead warewolf mask.

Melissa was trying to tell him that it was just his dad but he wasn't really buying it!


Melissa said...

That sure was a fun party! Thanks for coming. Can't wait until next year!

Rohan and Jenifer Shearer said...

Alex's costume is the best. Very clever!