Friday, November 28, 2008


I didn't take any pictures (probably cause we all look pretty ugly, we just go in our pj's, except Monica who wore jeans for some reason). Melissa and Amy went to Kohl's at 3am and Me, Monica, Amb and Mel went to Walmart. There really wasn't anything this year that I was dying to have and that was a great deal but that's OK.
At Walmart they let you stay inside the store which is nice but there is a huge downside...Walmart shoppers and employees are THE WORST. It is really dangerous (one worker was killed at a Walmart, trampled on by stupid people) Melanie and I both had people pushing and jumping on top of other people. It will take a really good deal to get me back there next year!!
We then went to McDonald for breakfast and then hit Shopko, Kmart, Kohls, the mall, Sam's Club...and probably others I am leaving out. The workers at Kmart were the most friendly and the most helpful we were all really impressed. I did get alot of shopping done and we made some great memories!!


Shannon said...

I think you're crazy. The cashier at Walmart told me yesterday that on Black Friday they had to have the ambulance come to the Springville Walmart twice for people getting in fights over stuff.

Jennifer said...

What a fun tradition for you and your sisters! It has seriously got to be a good deal for me to get my butt out of bed!