Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well I went to the Jr. High and cast my ballot. I am pretty sick of hearing about this election and can't wait until it's over. I know it's important to vote but I just wasn't really happy with either candidate so I wrote myself in...I knew that there were alot of people out there that really thought I should be President so I figured I might as well support myself...you never know, maybe I'll WIN!!

I am kidding, of course. I did not write myself in but now aren't you really curious who I DID vote for!!!!

I just wanted to add to my post about the outcome of the election. Barack Obama will be our next President. He is the first African American President in history and that is worth being proud of, I think. Like I said before, I was not a huge fan of either candidate but I did watch Obama's acceptance speech and thought he did a really great job. Rich was very upset with the outcome and we got into a pretty heated discussion about it and things got pretty ugly. I know that there are alot of things people don't like about him and I just hope that he will do his best for our Country. I don't really get too involved with politics because it is so frustrating to me but I did want to make sure and note that history is in the making.


Tandy said...

Way to go! I thought about writing myself in to.

Shannon said...

I also wrote you in, go figure. I think you would make a great president. Diet Coke Tuesdays would be made mandatory throughout all of the United States.

Kim and Tyler said...

I already told you,"angela for pres!" I don't know why anybody would want to be the president. I guess you wouldn't have to worry about getting pulled over(this just happend to me) or wait in lines.So I guess it has it perks."Angela 4 president!!!"

Daisie said...

I would have voted for you!! Its been a few days since I checked your blog so I want to comment on all your fun Halloween parties...You guys know how to party! How Fun!