Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bunco Girls

We finally have a picture of EVERYONE (including our favorite sub). It is pretty rare that all of us are actually at Bunco so we took advantage and got Kellye's husband to take a picture for us. Due to some crazy circumstances we even had our favorite sub there too!!

Here are the all the girls: McKell, Stephanie, Me, Andrea, Rachel, Carrie, Kellye, Dani, Jennifer, Lindsey, Shannon, Tiesha and Janean.

I have so much fun at Bunco and I am so glad that I get to spend one night a month with these girls!! I think this fall was the start of our 4th year doing this and I know that some people are getting "Bunco burn-out" but hopefully we can keep doing it for a lot more years!!


The Swensons said...

Of course we have to keep doing it! I do hate the game but I love the company!

Tiesha said...

I love being with you girls too! Thanks to all that are my friends!