Sunday, June 8, 2008

Maxwell turned 2

Well I feel bad and I shouldn't even document this because he didn't know the difference but we totally skipped Max's Birthday. It was a really busy week and we knew that all our family would be together on the weekend so we just decided to have his party after the fact. June 4th was his Birthday and me and the kids told him Happy Birthday and he would get really mad and say "Ales brday" (Alex's birthday)then we would sing the happy birthday song and he would run out of the room. I asked him if he was 2 and he would get mad and say NO and then spit. He didn't really understand but it was really funny how mad he was getting.
We had the party outside because it was such a great day so it was tricky lighting the candles but he did blow them out, I love this picture...the timing was perfect (yes I am totally giving myself props, is that OK)?
I stole this cake idea from Rachel it was on her blog. It's just from Macey's but if you know Max then you know how perfect for him this cake even turned out cuter than I expected and he loved it!!
It was my Dad's real birthday on Sunday and I felt kind of bad that Max got all the attention but he knows we love him and he got some gifts too (except that I doubt that my Mom is going to allow him to shoot off the illegal fireworks Steve and Melissa gave him, we'll just have to do it when she's not home...don't tell!!) Happy Birthday DAD I love you. Doesn't he look great for a 56 year old??


Janean said...

I think it's funny you skipped his birthday. If they don't know any different than I guess it doesn't matter.

Amy said...

Our dad is a babe! Man I miss you guys!

Melissa said...

Totally great for a 56 year old.
If Steve would have kept his trap shut that the fireworks are illegal, mom would have never known! I miss you guys too!

Tiesha said...

Yeah! Happy birhtday Max! Cute cake!