Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Human Foosball

For our combined YM/YW activity tonight we played human foosball...it was a blast!!!

We had a huge turnout and so there were tons of kids and tons of laughs!! It got pretty dangerous too.
This poor kid got hit in the you know where and then he got nailed in the face with the end of the pvc pipe. He was a great sport though.

This was a great activity and it was really fun to watch. The kids were really involved and for the most part followed the rules...you can tell what kids are really in it to win it!!
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They finished up the night with homemade brownies, it was a great activity!!


The Duvall Family said...

Our ward played this a few weeks ago and one girl actually broke her foot during the game. I guess there were a few other casualties but for the most part everyone seemed to have a good time!

Jason said...

Thanks for the great idea...looks fun! Wait, do you think we could do it with 8 youth?!?!