Saturday, March 7, 2009


My Mom and Dad came down today for a funeral in Springville. They came to visit us after and we decided to head to "Chuckarama" for lunch.
Alexa and I spent all morning selling flowers at Carrie's Modbe party. We were there from 10am until about 1:30pm, We made about $120 though so it was time well spent.
Alexa found a flower to match my Mom's shirt and put it right in her hair for her. At lunch my Mom got stopped by this lady asking her where she got her "cute flower" from.

Rich was embarrassed that I was taking pictures, you would think he would be used to it buy now!!
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We spent a few hours eating (Maybe not but it was a long time)!! Alexa was texting her friends most the time but she did stop for a minute to pose for a picture with me!!

Alex loves it when he gets to hang out with Grandpa and Grandma.

Here is an idea of the way my Mom likes to eat at the "chuck" she takes a tiny bit of everything because she likes to try it all. I was laughing at her dessert plate and had to take a picture of it. That is how all her plates looked, a little bit of everything!!

After lunch we went to "Coal Umbrella" in Provo. It is a cool vintage shop on University Ave. that had some really cool stuff. Alexa had seen it once as we were driving and has wanted to stop there and check it out, she just thought it was a normal store but we had fun looking at all the stuff they had.
Then we dropped Alexa and Alex off to my cousin Brandon's apartment. He wanted to take them to a movie and we talked with him for a little bit.


Amy said...

i hate it when you go to the chuck without me! mom looks really cute in that flower.

Jennifer said...

Your mom looks cute with that flower in her hair. She should wear them more often! :)

Melissa said...

Mom totally looks darling with that flower! You guys made a killing at the party! Mom's is a crazy eater when it comes to The Chuck!