Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Eggo" Bike

When we got back Max asked my Dad if he would put together his "Diego" bike. Funny story about parents gave him this big wheel for his birthday last June. We just found it again after cleaning out the garage a few months ago and everytime Max sees it in the garage he asks me if he can ride his "eggo" bike. I told him that dad had to put it together first because it was in pieces. He said "Mom, it's not a puzzle, it's a bike." I laughed so hard. I finally made him understand that it just needs to be put together.
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My Dad is so good at putting stuff together and I think he enjoys it. He and Rich and Max got his big wheel all assembled in a few minutes. Max wanted to help so he hammered away at different parts thinking he was being such a good helper.
He took it for a drive but he was having a hard time reaching the pedals. He said "I know, I will put on my shoes," (sometimes it amazes me how smart he is getting) and that was all it took, he could reach better and was taking laps around the kitchen. Then my Mom and Dad left and we went to the grocery store!!

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Amy said...

too cute! i miss him.