Monday, March 23, 2009

Classic Skating

For Parker's Birthday he wanted to go to "Classic Skates" and since it was Monday night they decided to invite everyone to come and have some fun skating...and that is exactly what we did.
Max was SO excited to get his skates on, it took some convincing from me to get Rich to participate but he finally did and he ended up having a great time.
It was Alex's first time skating and he was not very patient with the learning proccess. He was having a really hard time keeping his balance.
Alexa took him over to the place where you can practice and he was getting really frustrated with himself. I think I should have got him rollerblades instead of old school skates but who knows if that would have made a difference.
I held his hand and tried to teach him the best I could (but it has been along time for me too). He made it around without falling and I thought he was finally getting the hang of it. A few minutes later he came over and took off the skates, guess I was wrong.
Alexa held Max and skated around with him for a little bit. He was having a blast...
even if he was just rolling around on the floor, he thought it was really cool to have skates on. He wasn't too interested in the actual skating.

Rich needed to go to the practice area too...he fell down and looked so funny trying to walk on his skates cause he didn't dare skate. Finally he grabbed the stroller and pushed Madison around and having the stability helped him alot and he just kept going and going and going.

Here are pictures of everyone else that was there. Janet and Todd came with their two girls, Jennifer and Dustin and Kynli and Creed came and us and the Duvall's. We all had a great time!!
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Rohan and Jenifer Shearer said...

That is Maddy's favorite place by far. She would celebrate every birthday there if she could.

Jennifer said...

That was so much fun! I still think we need to get a group of us together and rent the place for a couple of hours!

Melissa said...

Looks like fun! They allow scooters? Awesome!