Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 2

We went and had breakfast down in the lobby, yummy waffles and toast and fruit etc. I decided to go to a few stores and Rich and the boys went back to the room to watch Bolt. When I got back Rich went running and me and the boys headed to the pool. It was such a perfect day, high 60's low 70's. I read alot and the kids had so much fun in the pool. When Rich got back he brought us down some lunch and we just hung out by the pool all afternoon.
Alexa and Paige came back to get ready for their dance competition. Me and Alex went to watch and Rich and Max decided to go watch baseball instead. They did an incredible job and they got 1st place!!
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We were only there for about an hour then we went to Fazzoli's for dinner. The girls had to go back for awards so we dropped them off again and headed back to the hotel.
We suited up again and headed for the hot tub. I bought Max some swim toys they were Batman, Superman and Flash. I also got Alex a ball so Max had fun playing with his guys in the hot tub.
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Alex stayed in the pool most the night. Alexa came back and me and her walked over to Walmart to buy fingernail polish. She was texting Paige the whole time and was telling me about all the fun they were having.
We got back to the room and like 15 minutes later she asked me to take her back to their condo. It was almost midnight but I am a nice mom so I decided that I would.
Rich watched Quantum of Solace while I was gone so that kept him busy. Another great day down 2 more to go!!!

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Melissa said...

Cute girls! Way to go with 1st place! Sorry we missed it. I'm glad you all had fun!